Violent attacks

ScotchScotch came to the UK from Jamaica in 1965 at the age of 16. He talks about the violent attacks that some black people suffered including his brother and the dangers of going out on your own or unarmed.







Also you said when you um came to England some people weren't very nice to you.

Mostly English people. Because you know call me names and now things eh just get on with it really. I suppose for them if you are a black man in your country its different, but for me it wasn't that much because in Jamaica we used to see alot of them and whenever my father well his father, all the men said to me that we recommend that we will see alot more of them but I thought that um coming here to work because they're the ones who opened England for us to come to work, I thought it would be friendly and a good environment and everything but it wasn't like that we had a lot of problems because in those days there what you call Teddy boys and 'ells Angels they used to walk with bicycle chain, knuckle duster and knife and things like that, ready to fight the blacks and we have to prepare ourselves to protect ourselves otherwise we wouldn't be here.  My brother almost got killed in Trowbridge where four white blokes beat him up badly and um we had to walk in groups to protect ourselves. Before we even came here for the black man couldn't go out at night if you wanted to have fun you have to have it in your own home. The more black men that came over and walk in a group and things began to change a bit because we arm ourselves to protect ourselves and eventually things got better we used to what ever you could find a knife had to carry it around and then by doing so things began to change a little bit we could go to a pub. First a black man could not go in a pub by himself he could never do that he would be dead in there, so if you go in a pub you have to go in with a group of blacks, ten, fifteen, five whatever and you have to prepare if anything break out you have a weapon to defend yourself. But eventually things go on a bit of a change, but it wasn't easy in those days you had to prepare to kill or be killed. and you find that even if you had a fight or a problem and the police arrived they wouldn't be on your side, you know even if you called them they wouldn't be on your side they would be on the white man's side and that would make you get even angry. But eventually it seemed to calm down a bit, now you can go into a pub by youself, you can go into the cinema by yourself, you can go anywhere by yourself now, so it has changed a bit, but it was rough in those days, really really bad. Yeah and um, I'm glad that my children don't have to go through that now.

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