Uniform had to be pristine

Donna was born in Barbados in 1960. After her parents moved to the UK she, and her 3 siblings, were brought up by her grandparents. She recalls the importance of having her uniform washed and ironed for school every day with her shoes highly polished.


And being brought up in the Caribbean, having to walk to school, having to keep your uniforms pristine, and pressed, you had to come home, even if you just had one, you had to come home and wash it quickly blow it out in the, in the, on the line, you know make shift ones, not the ones you rotate and ummm and get it all pressed for the morning. Bearing in mind that some people didn't have electric irons, you had to put them on the cooker and then you had to wipe it all off. When I say that to my children they find it quite amusing!

It's very different!

But those uniforms had to be pristine and those shoes, you had to be able to see your face in those shoes, or else you'd be told to go and polish them... you know, things are very different now!


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