Returning to Africa

Dan was born in West Yorkshire in 1968, with one african and one british parent. He describes what it felt like to go and live in Africa at the age of 12, having been brought up in the UK.


Yeah, I spent two years there from twelve till about fourteen, and again that was you know very, very strange leaving the UK as a kid and then going to Africa, which is a very different culture, very different climate you know, and then obviously moving back to the UK again so that was, yeah that was quite strange, quite difficult as well at that age. It really was difficult. Well yeah, it was quite difficult, there's very few mixed race people in Africa, you know you go over there, so people pick on you, if you like, single you out because you're mixed race, cos you know, you're a lot lighter than them, and you speak English and you don't speak their language, so yeah you do have that and then you come back to the UK and you know again you're singled out because you're a different colour again so you know, you get it from both sides I suppose.


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