No-one would give us a room

David came to the UK in 1956 to find work in response to advertisements for people to leave Jamaica and fill jobs in the UK. His first problem on arrival was finding somewhere to stay and he was keen to move to better accomodation as he was sharing one room with 5 other men. However his search for rooms in Trowbridge was not succesful.


living condition was very bad. when I came here I remember that the, come off the train out in Bradford station, and I have to  go to number three poultney lane, that is in Bradford-on-Avon, and that's where my mate used to be. And when I came there at about, oh, 8 o'clock at night, he wasn't there! He moved to Bath! And er, when I knock the door and this English lady open the door and see me, she said I won't have no more of you lot in here. So I said oh my god, what's going on? so while I were talking to her, there was about 3 or 4 of my mate that lives there, and one of them know me from home. And he said to me who is that, is that David? Because he called me David. I said yes. And he turned to the landlord and he said, if you don't take him in tonight, all of us going.

So it was a bit, really difficult and it that room where we used to live there was 6 of us living in there, so it was really, really bad.

Oh. and I come out to Trowbridge, I didn't know where I were going and I ask question, and they tell me where to find it. And when I went to the door and knock the door, the lady just open the door so slam the door in my face. Slam the door in my face. Because I mean, it's not like now people coming and they finding living place to live now? We didn't have that opportunity, y'know?


and that 's why, I think that's why is that they have problem now, because when we are the first, not the first lot um, Jamaican that come here to this country, you have some before us y'know, before, and when they come they couldn't get nowhere to live. So if I can afford to buy a house, they I would invite my fellow Jamaican to come and live with me. And from then, you'll find that the house get overcrowded. And then once that house get overcrowded, the English that used to live beside us, they move away. And that whole street would become...

Jamaican, y'know...

You see? So it was very very difficult living condition. it was so bad that I, me and a friend we bought a whole house

So it was a bit, really difficult


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