It was cold and I lost my doll



Martha was born in Nigeria in 1960 to a Nigerian father and English mother. She left Nigeria in 1967 fleeing war in the region with her sister and mother. She moved to Wiltshire where her grandmother lived.



...and then from there we went to London and I had bought with me two little dolls in a little basket like this, one had a pink check dress and one had a blue check dress and they had those bottles which look like they are full of milk and when you tip them the milk kind of disappears like magic, anyway I left those two dolls in the taxi and they were all I had, or they were the only thing I had from Nigeria.

I can’t remember what your question was, sorry

No, no that’s great, that’s really good

So how did you feel when you were coming over and what were your first impressions of England when you first arrived in London?

First impressions were, we came over in September erm September 6 I was 6 nearly 7 so it would have been September ’67 and I remember it being grey and cold and all I remember of my childhood from then on was being cold, cold grey rain that’s how I thought of it and people incredibly unfriendly and getting stared at and um just you know being treated as something other, don’t know other kind of thing. Because we weren’t odd, we were normal where we had grown up, do you know what I mean, and here we stuck out like a sore thumb. That’s what I remember.

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