Leaving family

Isobel was born in Jamaica in 1933, where she grew up with her mother sister and cousin. She left Jamaica for the UK in 1959 to join her cousin who had moved to the UK with her husband. In this clip she describes how it felt to leave her mother and daughter behind when she left. 


they just booked the, the, set the date, book, buy the ticket and then it was, well they correspond in Jamaica with the travel service there, so I got the ticket.

And what did you think about leaving your family?

Oh I, that was a tearing apart. You know, but I think they were in good hand because I ma.. know my mother would take good care of them. But even now I was saying to someone I can remember looking in my eyes mind the day when I, she woke me up the morning, early because I have to take the bus from Amity Hall to Montego Bay to get a train to Kingston to get the plane. That's how it was and she woke up early in the morning as usual and I was asleep and she came and she woke me and she said wake up we have a word of prayer before you leave and we sang two hymns and prayed and I was really feel that time i felt so sad you know then but erm after the initial you know, when we went out to catch the bus and she took me part way and before we reach out on the main road there is a bridge and she stood up with my baby daughter in her hand and the look on my mother's face. I can't get rid of that look. She look so pitiful.


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