Joining family

Isobel was born in Jamaica in 1933, where she grew up with her mother, sister and cousin. She describes leaving Jamaica for the UK in 1959 to join her cousin who had moved to the UK with her husband.  


When I was at home I, we lived like princes and king. We had everything at our disposal. We didn't want nothing. Nothing. We didn't have money to splash, but we didn't, we weren't in need. You know I came here it was. My, one of my aunts, she had six children and because my mother only had the two she took one of the girls and we grew up like sisters.

And you felt like sisters?

Yeah. We grew up, we never quarrelled, we never and huh, but we were loving and she never make no complaint about me, we grew up like that loving, and it was when she was coming here she said um, to me, she'd reached the stage where she was going out with this chap and he was planning to come to England and he sent for her and she said, she's like my mother an no complain, she said the first money I work and save I'm gonna send for you and she did. So that's how I came here but um.

Did you want to come here?

Well I just thought things would be better because in poorer countries you're you'd think that life is so wonderful somewhere else but what we don't realise or didn't realise that although it was poor there were things there that the richer countries dying for.

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