No-one says hello

Jane was born in Guyana in South America in 1970 and was one of 9 children growing up with their mother in a small village.


The thing I couldn't understand when I came to Wiltshire and I used to say good afternoon and morning and nobody answered me, I was like and I think is everybody dumb or is everybody deaf? you know because (laugh) in my country you couldn't pass anybody without saying morning or good afternoon, cause you in trouble. So I came over with the same expectations and I used to be doing the same thing like hello and hi and nobody said anything to me until it took me a good while to understand that's how people are and I really, really felt bad first thinking saying hi and nobody ever, thinking everybody deaf? Or everybody dumb? But then afterwards I get understand well that people don't do mornings and don't do good afternoons here. And apart from that I had some experiences I think um people were just naive. I think where race is concerned for me is kind of easy for me to communicate with anybody, because in my country there are six different races; everybody live together.

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