I am Black British

alfrida smlAlice was born in Jamaica in 1937, where some of her children were also born. After moving to Britain in 1960 she had more children and has lived here for the rest of her life. In this clip she describes her identity as Black British.






So would you consider England as home, or Jamaica as home?

Ah, that's a tough one isn't it, that's a tough one. Cos I spend more time living in England than I do in Jamaica but I don't know, I'm a black British, Jamaican. Jamaica is my home, I was born in Jamaica, so I'm a Jamaican by birth but of course I live in England and I am a British citizen, subject, have me British citizenship and passport and everything, so um yeah, I was born in Jamaica, Jamaican by birth, but English by citizenship by and the amount of time I spent here and then my children you know and everything were born here, most of them were born in England, no sorry, half of them were born in England, half of them were born in Jamaica so, yeah I don't know it's like I'm a black British. I'm happy that I have the best of both worlds, I can live in Jamaica in peace, I can live in England in peace, I can live anywhere. I choose to come back to England for many reasons, but most of all because my family is here, because we did work and pay your tax and pay your insurance, you get, when we reach our age we get proper medical service, you know,so.


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