I am ACB

KulchaleeKulchalee was born in the UK to Jamaican parents, he is a Rastafarian. In this clip he talks about a lifetime working out an identity that he feels is right for him acknowledging the heritage of his parents and his own.








And it's taken me all my life before I found my true identity, and my true identity that I'm ACB. That's what I call it, a ACB. Cos when I go and do my presentations to people, police and teachers, I said, yep, have you ever heard of that? I'm an ACB, and I'm proud to be an ACB. What's that then kulcha? Well A stands for African ancestry, C stands for Caribbean heritage, cos both my parents come from Jamaica, B stands for I'm proud I'm black, yes, but I'm still proud to be British. As long as the British stuff is positive, the positive stuff, the positive stuff of british stuff, because when we say rastaman vibration positive that's what we are talking about you know, because at the end of the day we had to go through a lot of negatives to make it come positive in our lives. So therefore that's why I look at myself as a ACB. Now my son is 30, if he wants to call himself black british fine, but where i'm coming from both my parents come from Jamaica where his parents were born here. 

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