Family and friends make home

Donna was born in Barbados in 1960, like many other children of her generation she was brought up by her grandmother and aunts whilst her parents travelled to find work in the UK. In this clip she talks about what makes somewhere your home.


So would you, what would you describe as home? Would you describe it as Barbados or when you came over to England and Bath?

Well now that is a very difficult question, in the sense that Barbados will always be the place of my birth and who knows, in future years I might be able to retire there, um, but I have lived in England more years than I have lived in Barbados, my children were born here, I got married here, I made several friends here, and I think I came into my best, um, after I came into the United Kingdom really, the people I met, um, some of whom are still my very good friends and contacts today, um, the influences they've had on me.


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