Escaping poverty

KulchaleeKulchalee was born in 1959 in Gloucester, a year after his parents emigrated from Jamaica. Although his parents planned only to stay in the UK for five years, after forming a partnership with other Jamaicans to buy a house, they ended up having to stay 25 years to pay the mortgage. In this clip he describes how a trip to Jamaica to visit an uncle still living and working in that country made him realise and appreciate why his own parents had taken the decision to leave Jamaica to make a new life in the UK. 



 And then when I went to Jamaica in ninety two, when I went to Jamaica, erm, in ninety two, that was such a, a, a great experience for me, because when I went there, then I realised, I saw where my father come from and it's like poor of poor, you know, like poor places and things like that and you're thinking, you know because when you was a kid growing up, you hated being born here so I always used to say, "Mum, why was I born here?, I wish I was born in Jamaica, I wish I was born in Jamaica", it's only when I went to Jamaica, then, the, the penny dropped, because what it was, my uncle was doing, like, sugar cane cutting, we said, uncle, when you out cutting sugar cane, how much you get for that then. He said, well we go into the c into the cane field for three days and we have to cut a tonne and um, four people go into, four of us goes in there, I was sitting, I'll never forget, I was sitting on a hump like on the field watching them, you know, taking pictures and all that stuff, and then erm, he, he said to me, yeah, four of us go in there, and we get seven pounds fifty and it takes up to two weeks for it to come. I jump off my stool like this and say, you know what I'm glad I  England be born because me couldn't work, I couldn't work for two, less than two fifty, two fifty or whatever cuz you know if you know better you are going to do better. So, that's when the penny dropped and then it made me realise that when I come back to England, I'm going to embrace anything positive about England, anything negative let it go, yeah. But, I'm going to embrace everything what's good about England.


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