Curried goat

Sylvia was born in Jamaica in 1924 and lived there until she moved to the UK in 1961. She recalls her childhood as being a mixture of work and play.


And can you tell me a bit about your early days living at home, what was it like?

Well, some good and some bad,  because we got to do ... lots of work, we got to go to school, we got to get up early in the morning and go get some water, fill up the barrels with water before we go because we didn't have any pipe, a standing pipe, we had to go to the spring and get the water ... and then we gots to get some water, we've got to look after the goats before we go. and then after that we have to walk two and a half miles to school and two and a half miles go ad two and a half miles come mmm but in those days I tink about it, now I tink about these kids they just live round there and they got a bus to go to school. We had to do two and a half miles oh yeah and if I think about it we just cum out, run up de road and we are there mmm ... but in dem days, dem day's twas nice compared to what dem young people these days oh it was lovely we enjoyed it. And August time, August time thats when we had holiday ... and the boys always go to play football and cricket ... they always go to get play cricket and we de girls used to go kill a goat and we de girls used to go cook the goat wid rice, garlic ... curried goat and rice yeah ... used to have nice time.


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