The clothes were so heavy

Donna was born in Barbados in 1960. Her parents left to work in the UK so she was brought up by her grandparents and moved to the UK in 1980 at the age of 20.


So I remember arriving on a sunny, but absolutely biting cold day. I didn't know you could have cold like that, honestly, and erm, and I remember the stewardess, I came in on British Airways, and she said erm, "what a lovely day", I remember, I remember as clear as day and I got to the step and you could see the sun coming in, but when that cold bit you, it it was, it was an incredible experience. The difference between Barbados and and England at that initial stage was that, it was so cold, hate going out, I hated the weight of the clothes my goodness! Uh, I used to think, how can someone walk around with this weight of clothes that, meaning, referring to the coats. I didn't like it.

So when would you stay you started enjoying your time here?

I started enjoying my time here, when I had been here for about nine months. And erm, I got me a job, and with that job I met new people and people of my age group and erm, even though we worked very hard, we supported each other and that was lovely and and one of the other lovely things were that we we  used to erm socialise together, the people who I worked with and I got to met, to meet, their friends and the the ee, and my world erm, started to expand and that was lovely.

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