Caned at school

Sylvia was born in Jamaica in 1924 where she grew up. She recalls her school days and in particular one teacher who used to cane the pupils, including herself.


With my first school it was called Brownsville tis still there now, eh still there Brownsville and we had some rough teachers they used to whack us wiv de cane: dey used to use de cane and the boys de bigger boys they use to get hold of the cane and screw it screw it round and then when he hit it it break up and fell all over the place and he used to get mad yes school days were nice as well.

Did you ever get the cane?

Yeah in me hands yeah you go to school late you get hit uh you get 3 in dis hand and 3 in dis one and they use to look at your nails as dey were going, dey look at your nails if they not clean, you get a whacking.

What else do you remember about that school?

Ummmmm Well ... Hmm I it was nice, was nice school days was nice and sum of de teachers dey were really good at they said at their, they tried to teach you that you learn you know. They used to put everything in it ... and we used to go sometime they would take us out to places to see to show us things like birds or different trees or plants and all that they used to take us out and

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