Bowyers filler girl

EWEmma describes her work in the sausage room at Bowyers and how much she enjoyed working there. This image shows Emma's passport photo when she arrived in the UK. 





 Can you tell me more about Bowyers?

Bowyers is lovely, I used to love it, I was a filler girl alright, there used to be juke box in there, records and things, you go up there have a cup of tea and music, so they say do the work, and it's piece work and you don't get much money but, I don't know how much money we get, like couple.. errr... But thing like, the cost of living was much cheaper, so you wasn't to worry about, and you could go up there and get a free cup of tea and a bacon roll and listen to music and go back down to . . it wasn't like work, it was like fun!

And what sort of music, can you remember what music did they play?

You, you could choose is, the juke box is there, them days it was like Nat King Cole or Fats Domino or whatever, you know? It was sixties, just music, what we like. And then, I work there for a while.

Just before we move on, you said you were a filler girl, can you tell me what you did?

It, it, was, sor, it was sausages. There's sort of a man who ground the meat with all the spice and you were had a sort of barrel thing, a barrel on wheels. You used to push it to him and he'd put the meat in, and you put in in this, in this machine and you have the machine, with, with errr, what you call it skin, which is all like animal intestine. And you put it in an' fill it and then somebody was there to twist the sausages. You, you, you got like six girls who you supply with the sausages, they twist your sausages, and it was like piece work, the more you can do is the more, you, you get. We get four breaks a day, we go up to the canteen and listen music and have cup of tea and, just like that.

And what were the other people like, who you worked with?

They were good, because most of them were, a few white people, but we are working class so colours don't come into it, you get to know each other and become friends, for life maybe. So I see them now, there older and I see them now.

You still see them?

Yes, some of them yeah! Some of them people, is for life!


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