Black and beautiful

Donna was born in Barbados in 1960, like many other children of her generation she was brought up by her grandmother and aunts whilst her parents travelled to find work in the UK. In this clip she talks about teaching her own children that black is beautiful.


Well, we've we've lived at at my current address now for 20 years, so we have the same neighbours we are the only black people in my street. People might not think that's politically correct, but I've always brought up my children to know that they, they are black children, very beautiful, very able, and they're okay. They're alright. I'm black and I'm fabulous. I'm okay. Does it make sense? So and we have excellent neighbours, we, we, most of the people who live in our street have lived there before us, there is only one or two come who, who've have come in recently and we are very blessed to be in that street really.


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