Everyone assumed I played cricket

Tom was born in Jamaica and moved to the UK in search of adventure. He joined the army so that he could travel further and see more of the world, but wherever he was posted he met with the same reaction.


Now...wherever, in those days, wherever they got posted, the first thing that would happen you'd go to the camp, hand your papers in and whoever was sitting on the other side of that desk would say: "Ahhhhhhhhhh, a West Indian, cricket!"...And I would say:

"I do not play cricket."...and they couldn't understand that. You know they would continue the story-ah...

"You know I saw Sobers batting at such-and-such-a-place and eh-I you guys can really play cricket, what are you? A bowler?",

"I do not play cricket. As you can hear, I do not shout. I do not play cricket.",

"And you know, we played panang last week..." and this that and the other...

"What are you? You know, a batsman or a bowler?",

"I do not play cricket.",

"You really don't play cricket?"

So that was it, that was me, ignored, for the next three months, just doing my job. But that happened everywhere I went.

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