Asleep on the job

ScotchScotch was born in Jamaica and came to live in the UK in 1965 at the age of 16. He went straight into work at one of Trowbridge's woollen mills, but only stayed for a day. He describes lots of different jobs he has done and how easy it was to find work.







I came here at the age of sixteen. And um I never get any school here, because I came at sixteen over school age. So um I went straight into work. They didn't understand how they work you know here because in Jamaica we used to um work for the farmers like carrying cane on donkey and when you have your break, you could lay on the grass and sleep, right. So my first job when I came here I work in a place called McColls, they made clothes like you know cotton and all that. So um when I get back, when I had my break, I went up on a stairs where they had some nice cotton and I was up there sleeping for about three hours. The manager could not find me nowhere, eventually they found my foot hang over and woke me up and said to me oh um "you have finished now you can go home", so I thought he meant that I had finished work, (laughing) so when I got to work the following day he said to me "Sorry you have been sacked". (Laughing)           

When I told my father, he said "What have you done?" I said "Well I had my break and I went for a sleep, so I thought you were supposed to sleep".  I didn't know no different I didn't have any training, so um he sacked me. My father went round there and said he said sorry he is sacked for doing no working for the sleeping. So well, came back home from the job. I think those days you get work anywhere, no matter where you go to you could get a job, so within a week or a few days I have another job. Um this one was making metal like you'd prepare the moulds, and they would pour the metal into the moulds and you could make a iron or whatever you want to make. I spent a few years doing that and from then I left and went to a place called Ross Chicken, where they do chicken and from there again I changed to Bowyers. I spent a few years in Bowyers, from Bowyers, I get myself in a bit of problem with trouble with Some what? some trouble with the English people. and um I was away for a while and I came back out and then I work for a place in Frome called Venture Carpets from Venture Carpets I came to Trowbridge. A place called Newman Enders and from there I went to Avon for a very long time. But um it was very easy to get work in those days


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