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Amelina Petit de Billier

on Wednesday, 23 September 2015. Posted in Other

Amelina Petit de Billier was born in Paris in 1798. In 1820, she moved from France to England to join the Feilding family as their governess at Lacock Abbey.

The Feilding family consisted of Charles Feilding, his wife Lady Elisabeth (previously Talbot, nee Fox-Strangways), their two daughters Caroline and Horatia, and Lady Elisabeth's son William Henry Fox Talbot. Amelina was a similar age to William and not much older than the two girls, so she seemed to live as part of the family even though she was originally engaged to be their governess. She enjoyed her life with the Feildings very much, remaining close to the family and actually was buried in the same plot as William Henry Fox Talbot.

Amelina Petit de Billier

The Banks family

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Masons and labourers of Lacock

Matilda Talbot, in a broadcast made on the BBC Home Service on 13th September 1954, said: “The medium in which most of the Lacock men liked to work was stone, and the quarries of the famous Bath stone were within four miles. Many of them, therefore, became masons and were very good stone carvers”. Masons were commonly found in and around Lacock doing work on the Lacock estate and to the abbey well before Matilda’s time. Everything needed to be kept in good condition and it seems from bills we have in the Lacock archive, and some letters, that some owners of the estate were extremely concerned with the maintenance of the cottages and the abbey itself. We have masons’ records from the 17th century and particularly for the 18th and 19th centuries, when we find large bills submitted to the Talbots for building and repair work all over the estate, at farms, in the small village cottages, mills and bridges. We can also find references to masonry work from even the earliest records, as any reference to building work would have been looking at local masons and builders. The most common family to do masonry work for the Talbots were the Banks family.

George Banks bill to Lady Feilding

The letters from George Eden to Lady Elisabeth Feilding, 1817-1820s

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This article looks at letters which exist from George Eden, 1st Earl of Auckland, to Charles Feilding and his wife Lady Elisabeth. Most of the letters are to Lady Elisabeth, and can be found in the Lacock archive, references 2664/3/3B/8, 10, 11 and 14. The letters are of great interest because they refer to current affairs, but are also friendly and sometimes flirtatious, which gives them further intrigue.

George Eden

George Eden