Harold White Collection 7

on Friday, 30 December 2016.

Harold Bowling

Playing skittles at the Working Men's Club


Harold Boxing

Youth Club boxers Darcy Hunt (left) and David Chamberlain


Harold Boys

Schoolboys gathering on the street


Harold Boys2

A game of conkers


Harold Conkers

 Playing conkers

 Harold Bread

Mr. Gregory delivering bread to Miss. Ring


Harold Choir

Reverend Jeeves at front left, with the Choirmaster, Pat Huxtable. Boys on front row: Michael Drewett (second from left), Michael Norman (third from left). Boys on back row Glyn Lewis (second from left), Terry Watts (third from left).


Harold Cow

Transporting a cow - Mrs. Sheila Sprules (left), Mr. Bill "Squeaker" Minty and Mr. Archie "Clocker" Doel (right)


Harold Cricket

Cricket Match Lacock vs. Spye Park


Harold Darts

 A game of darts - Mr. Len Flower in centre, next to Mr. Stan Alford (cigarette in mouth)


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