Harold White Collection 5

on Thursday, 29 December 2016. Posted in Leisure, Places

Harold Church5

The choir singing at St. Cyriac's Church


Harold Church6

St. Cyriac's Church


Harold Church7

Villagers heading on a walk, with St. Cyriac's Church in the background. Mr. David Chamberlain is at the front, with Mrs. Peggy Butler at the rear left (with dog)


Harold Church8

The service has ended at St. Cyriac's


Harold Church9

 Mrs. Gayle moving flowers for Harvest Festival celebrations, with Mrs. Dolly Edwards


Harold ChurchSt

A view of Church Street, from the entrance of St. Cyriac's Church


harold ChurchSt2

Mrs. Davis sweeping outside her door, Church Street


Harold ChurchSt3

A view of Church Street from the church tower


Harold Farm

Stanley Flower and Michael (the dog)


Harold Geese

Geese in the High Street, outside the school


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