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Lacock: Memories from the Village

on Saturday, 09 May 2015. Posted in Archives

My previous blog focused on the ‘Show and Tell’ event we had been organizing for the Lacock Community Archive and how we hoped it would encourage local residents to share their memories.  We were particularly excited about the possibility of discovering photographs of the local area and identifying residents who had been photographed as part of Harold White’s propaganda project ‘English Villagers’ in the 1940s.   This blog will reveal what we have discovered from that event and how we are moving forward with the Community Archive.
Mr and Mrs Joseph Chamberlain

The photograph above is of Mr & Mrs Joseph Chamberlain of Lacock (from The Wiltshire Times, Saturday 8 January 1921) who celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary in 1921.  According to the article they had fourteen children, ten of whom were still living and forty one grandchildren and one great grandson.  Mr Chamberlain was a carter and was employed for twenty-three years in that capacity at the George Inn.   It is perhaps fitting, due to the recent election, that Mrs Chamberlain was taken in her wheelchair to vote at the last election.  Their was never a better argument in favour of women’s suffrage than her domestic history.  It is the mothers who bring England up, and they know better than the men what is wanted from Parliament.’  This is perhaps a poignant reminder of the importance of voting which many people take for granted today.          

The information concerning this newspaper article was provided by Keith Homewood, a descendant of Mr & Mrs Chamberlain, who attended the event.

Lacock: The Community behind the Abbey

on Monday, 23 February 2015. Posted in Archives

Lacock is known for its famous Abbey, photography and the movies filmed there but just as important are the people who actually live, and have lived, in this wonderful village.  Lacock is not just a tourist destination but a living, thriving community which is often overlooked by visitors.  The Lacock Community Archive will provide an outlet for villagers to share their stories and memories through oral history, photographs and documents.  We will be providing a series of free events for the residents of Lacock over the forthcoming months as part of this project.    

As part of our first event we will be displaying copies of photographs of Lacock taken by Harold White from his English Villager’s collection (published 1945).  The picture below is of Reverend Jeeves (taken by Harold White), vicar of Lacock at the time.  There are, in fact, several photographs of the Rev. Jeeves which raised our interest and encouraged us to discover more about his life and how he came to be in Lacock.  Kym Wild, a postgraduate student from Bath Spa University, began researching his life.



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