My Mondays at the Wiltshire & Swindon History Centre and other activities

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Ann has been working every Monday at the History Centre for several years. Ann has also been involved with Wiltshire People First, a disabled people’s user led Self Advocacy (speaking up for yourself) organisation, with a Management Committee made up of people with learning difficulties. They work to make sure people with learning difficulties in Wiltshire have a voice and are treated fairly and included. One of their activities is the Heritage Lottery Fund project ‘Our lives, Our History’ researching the history, lives and experience of people with learning difficulties, including the history of the former St George’s Hospital, now the location of the Wiltshire People First offices. Ann also took part in the History Centre’s Lacock Unlocked project activity with Wiltshire People First, learning about digital photography and early experiments in photography.

Here is Ann’s first blog for the History Centre:

I like to work here because the people are very nice to me who work with me and I like to do all my jobs. I do lots of jobs and I like working with Terry and Ros because they are very nice and understand my learning difficulties. They are very good with me and I like both of them. I tidy the Reception area, I help with the post, I do photocopying and folding, I help to get the Education Room ready for meetings, I do some filing and help to greet visitors. We get on well together and people help me to do my jobs. My job and the people I like very much. I have some days holiday from work and I go clothes shopping, Pub nights on a Wednesday and I go to Longleat where I have a pass. I get money from work to pay for things. I use a bus pass to get around.

I go to Wiltshire People First to talk about St Georges where I used to live 29 years ago. We talk about me living there, I can’t remember a lot but I can remember some things.

When I was there we had men in one dormitory and women in the other dormitory. One day there was a mouse in the dormitory, I jumped up quick and got on the chair and then they got rid of it.

In 1966 we had a very hot summer and I got very red arms and very red legs and I was as red as a beetroot! My 21st birthday was in St Georges and it was a Sunday. We went in the hall to have a disco and sing songs. I can remember when it was all old buildings but now it is all different. It was 29 yrs ago and now there are no apple trees or buildings and there are all new houses there now instead.

We went to use the fields and I used to go on my own to the shops, but the shops are gone now and it is a house. The garage with cars has gone as well. My Aunty used to live in Semington, just up the road from St. Georges. I used to see her on a Saturday morning and have dinner with her and watch old films with her.

That’s all for now

Ann Brenner

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